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Tai Chi T-Shirts & Giftware Shop

     Tai Chi Chuan T-Shirts and Gifts has designs that will soon cover the major Tai Chi Chuan styles. Add the mystique of the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi Chuan to apparel for your wardrobe. Designs include Tai Chi Chuan form, Tai Chi sword and broadsword, Tai Chi spear and staff, Tai Chi push hands and combat. There are also designs ranging from Tai Chi Chuan written in Chinese calligraphy to Chinese inspired designs that are artistic, abstract and humorous.

     You will be the center of conversation wherever you are - your school or club, practicing with your friends or anywhere there are martial artists.

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T-Shirt Information:

Hanes Beefy-T 100% cotton is preshrunk, durable and guaranteed.
Printing is full of detail and color
Fade resistant wash after wash


Tai Chi T-Shirt
 Satisfaction Guarantee

It can be difficult to buy t-shirts online that you can't touch, feel or try on.
That's why there is a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee on all orders.

Products Available:

Men's, Women's, Junior's t-shirts and an assortment of long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts. In addition there are coffee mugs, caps, mouse pads and other giftware custom printed with your choice of design.

Yang Tai Chi Designs Chinese Calligraphy Designs Combined Categories Designs
Chen Tai Chi Designs Tai Chi Related Symbol Designs Chi Kung Designs
Wu Tai Chi Designs Other Chinese Inspired Designs Chi Kung Related Symbols

Shopping Instructions:
The shopping area is broken down in Design Categories as seen below. Using the navigational table above, click on the category that you would like to see available designs.

If you see a design that interests you click on it to see available items. Items include custom printed t-shirts and other apparel and custom printed gift items such as tote bags, caps, coffee mugs, posters and framed prints.



Tai Chi Chuan


Chinese Calligraphy Designs Tai Chi Related Symbol Designs Other Chinese Inspired Designs

In this section you will find designs
that include "Tai Chi Chuan", "Chi",
 "Tao" and other words associated
 with Tai Chi written in Chinese

Designs in this section include the
 various symbols and signs associated
 with Tai Chi and Taoism.

Inspired drawings that would accent
any wardrobe associated with a Tai
Chi artist are located in this


Coming Soon
Yang Tai Chi Designs Chen Tai Chi Designs Wu Tai Chi Designs
Designs include form, weapons application and combat.

Designs include open hand form,
sword, broadsword, staff, spear,
and combat

Designs include open hand form,
sword, broadsword, staff, spear,
and combat



Coming Soon Coming Soon
Combined Categories Designs Chi Kung Designs Chi Kung Related Symbol Designs
The clothing in this area have designs printed on both sides of the garment. Designs are combined from different categories to make a completely unique item found nowhere else.

Only items that can be printed on both sides can be found here. This excludes all gift items except the Tote Bag - which is very nice when printed with different designs on each side.

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