Chi Kung and Other Alternative Medicine Options:


     Zhang Zhaung Standing exercises to increase the flow of chi.

    Behind The Zhan Zhaung Training  Zhan Zhaung training is a significant component of the internal martial arts. The objective of Zhan Zhaung training is to improve the condition of the physiological organs'. Wu Chi Position

    The Eight-Section Brocade Standing only. Good photos and descriptions.

    Baduanjin " Brocade" Exercises in Eight Forms Standing and Sitting. Some old drawings of forms.

    Yijinjing Yijinjing is a set of limbering up exercises for the tendons, to strengthen them. Click on Tai Chi - Enter - Several Excellent  Articles.

    18-Form Chi Kung Newer form of chi kung. Sometimes prescribed for general chronic back pain. Click on Tai Chi - Enter - Several Excellent  Articles.

    Jade Body Gong In Nei Jing (The Internal Classic), it says, "To treat one hundred kinds of illnesses, start with treating the back."

     The Healing Sounds These healing sounds are designed to bring the body back into balance and the emotions into harmony using sounds, color visualizations, and standing meditation postures.

    The Lohan Qigong System  In its original form lohan qigong is an internal set of exercises for cultivating the "three treasures" of qi (vital energy), jing (essence), and shen (spirit).

     Chinese Xianggong Qigong Traditional Chinese Xiang (Fragrance) Gong Qi Gong originated from the Mi Zong Chan Sect of Buddhism.



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