Health Benefits and Research:


     Tai Chi and Health By John Toy

      Tai Chi for Older People Reduces Falls, May Help Maintain Strength Tai Chi, a martial arts form that enhances balance and body awareness through slow, graceful, and precise body movements, can significantly cut the risk of falls among older people ...

       Scientific Study Clarifies T'ai Chi Ch'uan Benefits  By Greg Mucci In 1986 science took a big step in the understanding of T'ai Chi "Ch'uan. In that year, Dr. Ronald G. Knowlton, Professor of Exercise Physiology at Southern Illinois University (SIU), sanctioned and directed a year long research program aimed at examining the physiological changes people undergo when they perform T'ai Chi.

       The Following Entries Are From Ted K.'s Website: General Benefits , Reducing Hypertension by Mei Ying Sheng ,   Health Benefits of Taijiquan by Mei Ying Sheng ,   Taijiquan and Longevity by Mei Ying ShengGeriatric's Study on Taijiquan , Influences of Taiji on Blood Circulation by Ted W. Knecht, The Benefits of the Taiji Stepping Method Written by Dr. Mei Ying Sheng and Ted W. Knecht, Shenzhen, China

      The Following Entries Are From Ron Perfetti's Website: Arthritis & Rheumatism , Back Problems , Balance Improvement , High Blood Pressure , Post-Op Treatment , Post Traumatic Stress , Stress Reduction , T'ai Chi for Athletes , T'ai Chi for Seniors , Weight Management

       "RSI and What We Can Do About It"  By Yon Lee. Delivered at Harvard Tai Chi Conference on Tai Chi and Health Science Center April 17, 1999




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