Yang Style Taiji Straightsword by Ted W. Knecht, Cleveland, Ohio. Yang style Taiji straightsword is one of the short weapons found within the art of Taijiquan. The third generation lineage holder, Yang Chengfu, was the person to standardize the 54 Posture Yang style Taiji straightsword.

       Tai Chi Broadsword Tai Chi Broadsword is one of the short weapons in the Tai Chi Chuan system. It shares the same concepts and principles as Tai Chi Chuan in practice.

         Tai Chi Sword Tai Chi Sword is one of the most popular weapons in Tai Chi Chuan System. It follows the same principles and concepts as Tai Chi Chuan's solo form.

       Yang Chengfu Style Taiji Staff & Spear System, by Eric LaPorte



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